iCuistot Overview
iCuistot Main Window

iCuistot follows the trend set by Apple’s iApps. It provides a powerful feature set with an easy to use and familiar user interface. iCuistot provides a great recipe management software by taking the best from popular software like iTunes, iCal, Keynote, Safari and the Address Book. iCuistot will quickly becomes your best cooking companion!


Everything is at your Fingertip

With the Inspector all the information is centralized in a nicely place. More than 150 different informations may be saved for each recipes. Everything is so well organized that you will find what your want quickly. From categorization to notes, from nutritional information to dietary exchange lists, from appreciation to accompaniment, from the recipe image to preparation time, from digital rights managements options to Dublin Core metadata about everything is supported. Naturally, you fill what your want. The only required information is the recipe name. The inspector is contextual. When you edit recipes, you see recipes properties, and when you edit themes, you see themes properties. The Inspector can either be attached to the main window as a drawer or floating as a standalone window. All the flexibility is allowed, nothing less.


Customization at its Best

You choose to use Mac instead of a PC to have a better user experience with more professional concerns about things being well done. Why settled on anything less about your recipes management software? No one should dictate you on how the write “tablespoon” or to use American, Australian, Canadian, Imperial, or metric measures. You enter the information as you have it. iCuistot will then automatically convert it to your primary and optionally to your secondary preferred measure units. In the same spirit, you should not be restricted on how your recipes printout should looks. iCuistot provides some professionnal looking recipe themes. However, you are not limited to those. You can create new ones. You are limited only by your imagination and your good taste !

Smart Groups

Grouping the Smart Way

Wouldn’t be cool if your recipes could be kept organized automatically like with iTunes Smart Playlists or iPhoto Smart Albums? This exactly what Smart Groups does. Everytime you make changes to a recipe, all your Smart Groups are updated automatically.